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Advanced document drafting, automated workflows, approvals, monitoring, analysis, and robust electronic signatures.

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Main Tools

Analysis and Reports

Get relevant information about your contracts and processes

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for contract breakdown


Use of blockchain for greater traceability and security

Crypto Promissory Note

Access to an electronic promissory note 100% under your control

Electronic Signature Shields ®

Different levels of identification for greater security in authentication
Todo sobre la firma electrónica

Smart Document Editor

Create contracts and templates with innovative items


Streamline the negotiation process between all stakeholders involved

Assemblies and EVoting

Get complete traceability of all decisions taken between several participants

Legal Agreements Library

Access to a wide library of templates for various types of contracts

Banking Regulations

Authentication for the flow process of government institutions according to banking regulations

Contract Lifecycle Management

The most robust contract management platform on the market to easily handle all your contracts

Who we are

TRATO is the leading platform in managing smart & digital contracts and the only system that provides tailored electronic signatures based on the local federal or international jurisdiction agreements.

With TRATO, you will have better legal control and traceability of the contractual part of your business. We have the best security standards and the highest technology on the market.

The most robust contract
management solution on the market

Consolidate your documents in a single channel

Configure the different stages of each process according to your company's workflow, establish roles and areas in charge of each of them

Generate processes to approve or reject contracts or agreements

Display or track the renewal status of each contract

With visual reports you have clear control of your legal agreements

Create reminders and due dates for your contracts

Automated and customizable email alerts help you to proactively manage upcoming renewals or cancellations.

What benefits does TRATO offer you?

Reduce Counterfeit Risks

Electronic contracts include a digital signature and different types of Electronic Signature Shielding.

Sign from anywhere or from any device

Electronically sign documents with a few clicks from any device, anywhere.

Facilitates the exchange of documents

With TRATO you can send your contracts to be signed electronically with visibility of each action that occurs in the process


The system allows you to generate graphs and extract information that would be impossible to obtain manually for better decision making.

Use robust electronic signatures

Streamline your contract processes using our electronic signature technology and the different types of shields

Customize your signature

Select one or more of our innovative identificacion features with the highest security standards, superior to those ordinary digital signatures

Easily send your legal templates

Select any legal document and send it from anywhere and on any device securely and instantly



We help you broadcast your
templates with our successful

Are you an attorney that loves to draft contracts?

Share your templates
in digital format to our 60,000
users and receive additional revenue!


> $ npm install move.js

  • Everything is installed

> $ guip

  • scss watching
  • LiveReload Started
  • Opening localhost:3000

> $ drawillusion

  • scss watching
  • LiveReload Started
  • Opening localhost:3000

> $ filset

  • Everything is installed

> $ designstack

  • Everything is installed

> $ that´s it

  • Yup, that´s it

Integrate it in a very simple way to your current solutions

Get access to your data through any software you are currently using or try to integrate it into our system, while we customize your needs.

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Financial Leasing

I definitely would recommend it since the electronic signature has the required levels of security to mitigate risks. It is software that complies with the regulation in Mexico since it includes the NOM-151



The main advantage is that it significantly decreases the time to sign a legal agreement, and contract management is more efficient. Before, most documents were lost, or the client never returned them. Now we have complete control of their status.



The software has been valuable to us, and it is very user-friendly for our clients. We are thrilled with Customer Success since they have helped us improve our legal process by understanding our process and adapting the technology to our own needs.

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Trato is a service based on blockchain. It is the number 1 solution that simplifies electronic contracts so that companies have better control and traceability.

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